Recover Anytime, Anywhere, In Style

Sore muscle relief.
4 speeds, 4 attachments, 3 modes.
More power. Smaller size. 18 month warranty.

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Benefits of Percussive Therapy

Reduce Muscle Soreness & Tightness

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) happens when you engage in physical activity; preventing it with the Mini x can result in a decrease of muscle soreness & tightness for everyday physical activity or 24 to 72 hours after an intense workout.

Enhance Flexibility & Increase Blood Flow

The concentrated vibrational pulses go deep into the muscle tissue providing a deep-tissue massage, helping improve blood flow and enhancing mobility to the targeted area.

Wellness Benefits

Wellness benefits include the relaxation of the overall physical body, enhanced sleep quality and alleviation from day-to-day stress and anxiety. It also helps treat fibromyalgia and tension related insomnia.

Break Down Scar Tissue

The Lightsaber provides a deep tissue massage which helps break down scar tissue, adhesion, and repair damaged fibers, thereby alleviating pain and relieving restriction.

80g lighter

Engineering-grade Technology that makes this device
lighter and more portable than ever.
For quick recovery on the go.


The Mini x fitness massage gun uses the most innovative
technology in the industry, providing efficient recovery with
maximum convenience.

80g lighter

Engineering-grade Technology that makes this device
lighter and more portable than ever.


The most innovative technology in its industry.
Maximum convenience and efficiency.

Triple Noise Reduction

Third-generation triple noise reduction gives this ultimate resistance
fitness massage a rating of under 45dB.
Even quieter than your refrigerator.

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Target sensitive muscle groups and soften tense tissue with this flat-headed attachment.

Big Ball

Ease your recovery with 360° of percussion therapy for larger muscle groups.


The optimal attachment for dense muscle groups and deep tissue relaxation.


The double-headed percussion therapy solution that targets trigger points and the lower back.